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How to replace cracked HO scale Proto 2000 axle gears

 How to replace cracked HO scale Proto 2000 axle gears

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Have you ever owned a new HO Scale Proto blue box four axle locomotive that simply would not run well? You place it on the track and it goes bump bump clunk down the rails or may even lock up and not move at all. If so, you are one of the thousands of others who have faced the same dilemma.
The early original gears were made with a poor plastic composition that over time would allow them to shrink and split.

This is an easy fix and we will explain how step by step.

First, you will need to purchase 4 new replacement axles that come complete withe axle bushings and the drive gears ready to install which can be found here.


Foam cradles such as this one made by by Bowser are fantastic for holding a loco and protecting the chassis while you work on the running gear.

Now carefully pry the cover from the bottom of each truck. I chose to use a dull Xacto knife but any small flat blade tool or screwdriver will work.   

Be careful not to let the cover pop off and go flying across the room.


Remove all four old axles. You might get by locating and replacing only the damaged ones but why not just do it once and be done with it.

Sometimes it is very difficult to see the affected gear without magnification so here we have a close up of one removed from this project.You can see the split that runs the entire length of the gear.

After setting the new axles in place , take the tip of any tool and gently turn or rock the square bushings on each side until both sides of the axle drop smoothly into place.

Snap the cover plates back on each truck.

You have now finished and should have a smooth running HO train locomotive!

Have fun!



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Our first post!

Here is our first post. We are working on making our website optimized. To view our work in progress - please go to to .

Here is a little information about us:

Blue Ox Trains online is a direct dealer for most HO manufacturers and also operates a retail store location in Roswell Georgia.

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Most of our model train inventory is predominately HO, Hon3 and N scale, we will be glad to order other scales including but not limited to Z, O. On3 and G.
For your DCC needs, we also carry the entire Soundtraxx product line of Tsunami sound decoders as well as Digitrax decoders and DCC starter systems.
We maintain a large inventory of Northwest Shortline (NWSL) gears, flywheels, and driveline parts to rebuild your steam or diesel locomotives.
More and more products and kits are being added to our online daily. If there is anything particular you need for your layout, send us and email to or
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“Where did the name Blue Ox Trains come from?”

The answer to that is simple… Blue Ox Timber was a timber logging company doing business in North Georgia from 1978 until operations ceased in 2008. The first old rusted work horse of a logging truck was nicknamed “Blue Ox” after Babe in the Paul Bunyan fable. The name carried on with the well known company for 30 years. After ceasing operations, owner Steve Funsten started buying and selling HO trains. In no time at all, what started as a small hobby grew into a full time model train business with customers spanning the globe.